Thank you to all sponsors and fans for your support and encouragement. Without you, not only would Evening Star Kennel been absent from the 2010 Yukon Quest, but this incredible sport and these wonderful dogs would become a thing of distant memory. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope that you have enjoyed following this amazing event.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

They Grow Up Fast!

GROUP PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wait, where did everybody go? Puppies at 8 weeks old don't stay still long enough for a group photo. You think you have them all together, but by the time the camera clicks, they are gone. I did do a few more shots, 135 to be exact, to get some better pictures of the newest additions to the kennel.

Feeding time is the most important time of the day. And it apparently doesn't come often enough. This pup wants to make sure she won't miss dinner!

Sled dog pups are often named with themes for the litter. I am at a loss for a theme for these guys. I only plan on keeping 2 and am looking for home for the rest. I have 2 names in mind for the 2 who are staying. But I am thinking that they need names pretty soon. If you have ideas for names, send me an email,

Fully weaned for a week now, the pups are excited for new adventures!

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