Thank you to all sponsors and fans for your support and encouragement. Without you, not only would Evening Star Kennel been absent from the 2010 Yukon Quest, but this incredible sport and these wonderful dogs would become a thing of distant memory. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope that you have enjoyed following this amazing event.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sled Dog Vacation

So, people ask me all the time, "What do you do with your dogs in the summer?" I always say this is their vacation. In reality, they prefer working to vacation. Since I have a relatively small kennel, I am able to take the dogs out for free runs with the ATV or bike. Yesterday, I took 12 out for a crazy run and got some pictures. This is the group that I have to take the ATV. Otherwise, I can't keep up.

The tequila puppies set a quick pace along with Herbert, Margaret, Lightning, Detour, Happy, and Sneezy. Sometimes Etna, Goon, Whitney, Jersey, and Boggle with come with this group too. Cleo, Shilo, and Annabel prefer a more leisurely walk. And Charlotte can only go by herself because she never learned to play well with others.

It is always chaotic and highly entertaining to take the big group out for a run. They are generally well-behaved with a few scuffles between the littermates, and Herbert doesn't like when anyone challenges his position as the fastest dog in the bunch. But a pocketful of cookies and a quick pat on the head keeps everybody close.

They look like happy dogs, don't you think? Sled dogs on vacation can't be all bad. Fall training starts August 1. Only a few more weeks...

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