Thank you to all sponsors and fans for your support and encouragement. Without you, not only would Evening Star Kennel been absent from the 2010 Yukon Quest, but this incredible sport and these wonderful dogs would become a thing of distant memory. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope that you have enjoyed following this amazing event.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fall Training Begins!!!

Today was the first run of the season. 16 dogs got the privilege of being on this inaugural run. We went 6 miles and everyone did great. There were only a few minor equipment casualties due to Sneezy's excitement and scissor teeth. My goal is to get out 2x a week for 4 weeks while it is still warm and then buckle down to a regular schedule after Labor Day. Everyone is ready to go back to work.

Detour and Margaret led the way. I have a feeling this is Margaret's year to shine in lead. She takes her duties very seriously and has the "gee" and "haw" turn commands down. Can't wait to see how she improves even more as the season goes on.

And Happy sure is that. She has come around and rarely has a down moment.

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